8 Reasons Why Flaxseed Oil Is Good for Your Skin!

Flax seeds and linseed oil Bowls of whole and ground flax seed with flaxseed oil

Soft, flawless, clear, glowing; attributes that, most of us have resigned to think, can only be associated with a baby’s skin.

We did have that, once upon a time, but of course pollution, stress, our food habits and lifestyle changes have done their part of the job !!!

Flaxseed oil, which is a rich source of Omega-3 series of essential fatty acids, can help reverse this damage. Like vitamin C and olive oil, flax oil has benefits not only from consuming it, but also from applying it directly to your skin. It not only detoxifies your body from within, but it also helps clear blemishes, reduce acne scars and pigmentation marks.

Here are a few advantages of applying flaxseed oil on your skin:

1.Reduces Wrinkles

The alpha linoleic acid (ALA) in Flaxseed oil helps skin cells to regenerate, become plumper…

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